X8132A Universal Tool Milling Machine

Short Description:

Milling machine mainly refers to a machine tool that uses milling cutters to process various surfaces of workpieces. Usually, the rotational motion of the milling cutter is the main motion, while the movement of the workpiece and milling cutter is the feed motion. It can process flat surfaces, grooves, as well as various curved surfaces, gears, etc.

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This machine is designed to be a Universal Tool Milling Machine, can perform procedures such as milling, boring, drilling, and slotting, etc., and is suitable for machining cutter, fixture, die and mould, and other components with complex figuration. With the aid of various special attachments, it can machine all kinds of components such as arc, gear, rack, spline, and so on.

Original structure, broad versatility, high accuracy, easy to operate.

With various attachments to extend range of application and raise utilization.

Model XS8140A: with programmable digital display system, resolving power is up to 0.01mm.




Working table

Horizontal working tablefW x L)


Vertical working table(W x L)


Longitudinal/Transverse/Vertical Travel


Universal table

Horizontal swivel


Inclination to front and rear


Inclination on left and right


Vertical spindle head

Vertical travel of quill


Axis inclination on left and right


Horizontal spindle

Taper hole


The heigl.t from axis to ground


Min.distance between axis and surface of horizontal table


Vertical spindle

Taper hole


Min.distance between nose and surface of horizontal table


Horizontal and vertical spindle speed: steps / range


Longitudinal, transverse and vertical feeds: steps / range


Axial feed of quill of vertical spindle: steps / range


Power of main motor / Feed motor


Max. table load / Max. cutter load


Overall dimensions(L × W×H)/ Net weight

181×122×171cm /2200kg

Packing dimensions(L × W× H) / Gross weight

199×164×211 cm/3000kg

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